Lindexed Terms of service

Service Delivery

After receiving your membership payment, it will be instantly activated and you can log in and use the service immediately using your email address and the password you created while signing up. In very few cases your account will be hold and put into manual fraud check and will be usually activated/rejected within 48 hours. After this you will get an email notification that you can access the member area and be able to submit your campaigns.

Acceptable Use of Service

We don't honor spam or anything illegal. Example websites that we won't be working on are gambling, adult, violence, pharmacy, drugs. All family friendly websites will be accepted.

Refund policy

Full refund of your last payment can be issued only if we fail to provide 100% crawling within 24 hours of campaign creation except for campaigns with dripping feature then the 24 hours crawling guarantee will be measured from the start date not submit date. No refund will be given for not indexing links as indexing is all subject to google's desire to include your link in their index.

Any advance payments or deposits are not refundable under any circumstances. The advance payment will be credited to your account and can be used any time to make payments to our service.

User Conduct

Abusive behavior not limited to swearing, cursing, insulting, and or threatening behavior towards our staff or our customers is strictly forbidden. Personal abuse of ANY kind will result in immediate termination of service with no refund given.

Contact Information

It is the customers duty to keep us informed of any changes of personal details. This includes and it not limited to your email address, address and telephone number. E-mail is the preferred contact method for general communication. We will not be held responsible for any loss of communication or problems that arise as a result of customers not informing us of their current and accurate contact details.


We reserve the right to change these terms at any time without prior notice. It is your duty to check this page for updates. However, we will do our best to send you notifications of terms updates.

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