Lindexed Privacy Policy

Transaction Information

We collect information on each transaction conducted through our website. Such information may include the amount of the transaction; the goods purchased; the identity of the supplier, affiliate, and customer; payment type; currency; location; Internet Protocol address; and websites visited.

We only use such information for customer service, for website optimization, or for other administrative or business purposes. We may share information related to the transactions you conduct through our website with suppliers, affiliates, or customers for the purposes disclosed in this Privacy Statement. We retain transaction information for as long as reasonably required for business purposes or as reasonably required to comply with our legal obligations.

Cookies, Web Beacons, and Logs

We collect information related to your use of our website using cookies, web beacons, and log information.

Cookies are small files containing strings of text stored on your computer. We use cookies to authenticate you as a user when you log in, track your session, deliver content specific to your preferences and interests, store the contents of your shopping cart, provide features related to payment and customer service, and provide other functions.

Web beacons are objects embedded into web pages that allow us to determine whether and for how long users view web pages. We use web beacons for site traffic reporting, unique visitor counts, auditing and reporting, personalization, and other functions.

Log information may include web requests, Internet Protocol address, operating system, browser type, browser language, date and time of your request, and cookies that may uniquely identify your browser. We use this information to enhance the functionality of the website and to make your access more convenient, secure, and efficient.

We also use information gathered from logs, cookies, and web beacons to monitor website performance; improve website design, functionality, and security; and assemble web analytics and activity trends. We ratain such information for as long as reasonably required for business purposes or as reasonably required to comply with our legal obligations.

You may stop your browser from accepting cookies or web beacons. The Help portion of your browser should explain how to configure your browser's cookie handling. Your browser may have add-ons that may help you block web beacons. You may have limited functionality if you block cookies or web beacons set by our website.

Sharing Information

We only share information as described in this Privacy Statement. We may only share information with the following categories of third parties. Such third parties are prohibited by law or by contract from processing personal information for purposes other than those disclosed in this Privacy Statement.

1- Our payment processor

2- Government entities administrating online business regulations.

3- 3rd parties with court order to retrieve that information for any legal purpose.

4- Business buyer or partner. In case we sell our business or parter with another entity, we will share our customer base/records with them.

5- If it is necessary for fraud protection, risk reduction, or the establishment or collection of funds owed to us.

Policy changes

We can modify this policy at any time without prior notification and it is your duty to check this page before every new order to get the latest update. However, If you are a current client we will send you updates about any possible changes.

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